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A curated guide to building a successful career in AI testing. Discover essential skills, curated learning resources, and a supportive community to guide your journey.

Why AI Testing?

AI systems behave differently than traditional software. They learn and adapt, making testing more complex. AI testers ensure these systems are:

  • Accurate: Delivering the right outputs and results.
  • Robust: Able to handle unexpected inputs and real-world scenarios.
  • Secure: Resistant to data manipulation or adversarial attacks.
  • Mitigating Risk: Preventing AI failures that could have significant consequences.
  • Ensuring Ethical AI: Identifying and addressing potential biases or unintended harm caused by AI systems.
  • Building Trust: Verifying that AI models meet quality standards and perform as intended.

What You'll Find on This Site

Generative AI Powered Testing

Learn how to leverage generative AI for software testing. We'll cover prompt engineering, providing pre-written prompts for common tasks and explaining how to integrate generative AI seamlessly into your existing workflow.

Career Path

Learning Resources

  • Understanding Core Concepts: Gain a clear grasp of fundamental concepts like Artificial Intelligence, Generative AI, Data Science, and Machine Learning, and their relevance to AI testing.
  • Courses, Books, Talks & More: A curated list of online courses, webinars, key books and articles that provide in-depth knowledge of AI testing concepts.
  • Practice Projects: Open-source projects where you can apply your skills and gain hands-on experience.

AI Tools

  • Giskard AI: The testing platform for AI models.
  • OpenDevin: An open-source AI software engineer who is capable of executing complex engineering tasks.

How to Contribute

We believe in building a collaborative learning environment! Your contributions are highly valued. Here's how you can help:

  • Suggest Resources: Found an excellent course, article, or project? Submit it!
  • Open Issues: Start discussions, report potential inaccuracies, or request for new sections to be added.

Get Involved

  • Join Our Slack Community: Quality Assurance Team

  • Spread the Word: Share this site with anyone who might be interested in exploring a career in AI testing.

Let's build a strong foundation for the future of AI testing together!


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